Please read the terms and conditions carefully(‘’TERMS’’)and the privacy policy is available on the website of Sehat Sahayak Pvt.Ltd. which is Before you go through with the website to avail the services provided by the sehat sahayak and available on the website. These terms and conditions and privacy policies make a legal agreement between the company and you.

The agreement applies to you when you are purchasing the services of the company.

1 What is Sehat Sahayak

A )The domain name, an internet based portal and mobile application, is owned Sehat Sahayak Pvt. Ltd. A company incorporated under of sec.7 and sub sec.1 of sec.8 of the companies act 2013.and rule18 of companies incorporation rules2013 B y the government of india.

b) The domain name, Mobile application and CRM are referred to as the “website” or”we”or” Company” or  ”US” or ” or “Sehat sahayak”.

c) Your uses of the website here in after refared  as “You” or ”Your’ or “User” or ”Practitioner” or ”Client”

d) For the patient :patient can avail the services of” Doctors” or “Medicines” or ”Medical Labs” or “Home Care” or “insurance” or ”Ambulance” or ”Blood Banks”

e) For the patners : Patners can avail the services of “Mobile Application” or ”CRM” or “Website” or “Admin App” or “Social media Pramotion”

f) All the services provided by the Third party

g) these services may change from time to time at the direction of Sehat sahayak Pvt. Ltd.,If you have any querries regarding the terms & Conditions feel free to contact us. At or Call us 1800-313-262626 or 9116506070

2) Eligibility or Conditions of Uses

a) For the availing services of website you should be at least 18 years old, While registering on the website Youy are providing the information that you are not a minor.

b) we may collect following information

* Name

*Email ID

*User ID



*Phone Number

* Age

* And other details as you have volantiour

c) Personal Information and Data are defined  under SPI rules.

d)Sehat sahayak may collect information related to device through which you accses the website the collected information may be used for the maintain quality and services and build the new services.

e) The Privacy Policy set out, inter-alia : the information Collect form user, including inappropriate or personal data and information will be use under the SPI guidelines

f) The user kindly read the privacy policy properly so user have all the knowledge about it.

g) Sehat sahayak shall not be responsible in any manner for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive data or information supplied by the user to Sehat Sahayak or any other personal acting on the behalf of sehat sahayak

h) The user is always responsible for the maintaining  the confidentiality of the user account Access information and password. The user is completely responsible for all the usage of the user account and password. User should  immediately inform  the sehat sahayak  if user found any suspected activity on user account. Although sehat sahayak is not responsible on the loss of any personal information and personal data.

3)Relavance and Algothm

a)Sehat sahayak relevance algorithm for the practitioners is fully automated system that lists the practitioners , their profile and information regarding their practice on its website. Sehat Sahayak will not be laible for any change in the relevance of the practitioners on search results. It will be changed on time to time basis.

b) Sehat Sahayak Collects directly or indirectly and display on the website relevant information regarding partner. Like as their specialization , qualification ,address ,experience, fees, timing, discount ,offers and other details.

c) Not for in emergency  use: these services are not intent to be substitute for getting emergency health care if you or any individual facing any emergency please contact near by hospital ,doctor, ambulance

4) Records

a)Patient can keep their prescription, medical report, bills, in case of any emaggency patient can send their medical records on one click to any one

5) Other

a) Reminder: patient can use this facility to remind medicine, tests, appointment with doctor and other healthcare needs.

b) Online consultation: patient and partner can connect over video call conferencing according to government rules

c) Health blog: Partner can utilize this facility to provide knowledge on healthcare issues to the multiple users at same point of time

d) Termination: Sehat Sahayak reserves the right to terminate any user and partner any point of time without giving any notice.

e) Contact: For any other queries and information regarding website services You can contact Sehat sahayak Pvt. Ltd.

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