Cancellation Policy

1. How can I cancel an order?1.1 Medicines, Diagnostic, Home Care and All Other Booking ,Healthcare Products.

An order for medicines or healthcare products can be cancelled from the ‘Order Details’ screen on the website/ app (‘Platform’) or by calling our customer care number before it is marked as “Out for Delivery”. refund will be processed as per the Refund Policy.1.2  Diagnostics /Lab Test

A diagnostic/ lab test can be cancelled anytime unless it is marked ‘Sample Collected’ by the third-party phlebotomist. Else, you can refuse sample pick up at the collection location and a refund will be processed as per the Refund Policy.

For Homecare – If service not looking good you can send refund email

Refund Policy

1. When can I expect the amount to be refunded?

1.1 Please note that the refund amount mentioned at the time of return on the Platform is an estimate and will be finalised after completion of verification. Once the pick-up is completed and the product is verified by the seller, a refund of the total amount paid for the products returned by you will be initiated for eligible returns as mentioned above.

1.2 Refund will be initiated only post successful verification of the products by the seller. Please note that the verification process may take:

  1. For Local Cities*: 48 hours from the time of pick up from your location.
  2. For Other Cities: 8-10 business days from the date of pick up from your location.

Refund Process- Simple Email And 1800-313-262626

Refund will be made in 30 Working Days

For Mobile Application – Sehat Soft Giving 30 Days tesing period for Every software. If any one want to return they can send a email or call 1800-313-262626. Send a letter.